Skin Stylus


SteriStamp® Exfoliators Allow Skincare Professionals The Ability To Provide At-Home Therapy To Their Patients That COMPLIMENT And ENHANCE In-Office Treatments!


Providing SteriStamp® At-Home Exfoliators To Your Patients Couldn’t Be More Easy! Each SteriStamp® Exfoliator Kit Contains The Following:

  • 1 sterile SteriStamp® exfoliator sealed in pouch
  • As microneedle length is only 0.3mm and designed to remain in the stratum corneum, topical anesthetic isn’t necessary
  • A simple, step by step video that explains to the patient how to use the SteriStamp®exfoliator
  • Each SteriStamp® has a screw-on SteriTip® applicator built in
  • Clinicians can choose to load a syringe with topicals and seal the syringe with a luer cap 
  • SteriStamp® exfoliators work wonderfully with masks as well!

Check Out The Patient Videos Below